Home Decorating Trend


As Upper Highway Painting Contractors we know the value of staying up-to-date with the latest trends. This does not just apply to paint but also to interior decorating as well. From offices to homes, there has been a shift this year in the way your space should be presented. Here are our top trends for 2017:

Home Decorating Trends


Our first interior trend takes its inspiration from the Pantone Colour of the Year – Greenery. The shade is meant to represent revitalisation and refreshment. We’ve noticed a shift to a more self and earth conscious mentality, which focuses more on the quest for sustainable living and an appreciation for nature. The bright green shade is stunning as a feature wall or in a child’s playroom.

Home Decorating Trends


Just because you have a geometric print somewhere in your space, doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce another, complimentary print as well. Top prints this year includes: banana leaf, geometric and oriental. Natural prints such as those from Clinton Friedman and Victoria Verbaan really add a wow factor to any room.


Home Decorating Trends


Texture is playing a huge part in 2017 trends. The trend arose out of the want to counteract a disconnected lifestyle. Interior decorators brought about the trend to encourage interaction with your space. From velvet couches to woven rugs, it’s an easy trend to get on board with.

Home Decorating Trends


Artisanal or ‘home made’ creations like sculptures and baskets are finding themselves welcome in the home once again. This trend embraces locally made goods and encourages the almost forgotten notion of having a connection with the creator of your purchases. We love these locally made pieces from Ardmore Ceramics.

Home Decorating Trends


With the high cost per square meter of homes, it is no wonder that multi-functional pieces are becoming so popular. Items that have more than one function or are easily stored will find themselves at the forefront of the trends of 2017.

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