Refresh Your Kitchen Space.

A simple Pinterest search for kitchens will give you an array of gorgeously laid out and perfectly defined kitchens, which possibly make you a little jealous. Why is it that everyone else’s kitchen looks so glam, and yours doesn’t, you may ask?

Well, in answer to that question, your kitchen can look just as amazing as everyone else’s, simply by giving your kitchen cupboards a makeover.

Painting kitchen cupboards can be greatly successful in giving your kitchen the refresh it deserves. It can, however, be a tricky process and one that needs to be carefully planned for before you begin. Here are a few tips to consider before undertaking your kitchen cupboards makeover.

Tip 1: Clean Your Surface.

You may think your kitchen cupboards are squeaky clean, but chances are there is still some grease residue, unnoticeable even to the perfect eye. We suggest cleaning your cupboards thoroughly with a good degreasing liquid solution.

Tip 2: Remove Your Cupboard Doors and Drawers.

This is a common mistake that most people do to try save themselves time. It is crucial that you remove all doors and drawers to effectively sand, prime and paint. It may seem like a time-consuming task, but it will save you a lot of fixups in the future. While you are removing your doors and drawers, it’s a good idea to label each to keep track of where they go. It may seem silly, but each door and drawer will sit perfectly in its spot, so they need to be put back correctly. A small sticker on the back of each object works well.

Tip 3: Do Some Light Sanding.

It’s important not to skip this process because, despite all your cleaning efforts, your paint needs a matte surface, not a gloss one to stick to. A light sand is all that is needed, just to get that glossy overcoat off and ready to paint.

Tip 4: Clean Off Any Excess Dust.

After sanding, dust and wipe down the cupboards again to ensure a smooth, dust-free surface.

Tip 5: Prime The Area.

It’s advisable to prime your doors and drawers with a good stain-blocking primer before you paint. This will help cover any knots or stains in the wood before you paint.

Once you have completed the priming process, it’s time to look at paint colours and paint brands. It can be tempting to choose a cheaper paint to save on costs, but in the long run, you are costing yourself more money. You will most likely need to redo your cupboards sooner than if you used a good quality paint.

When it comes to paint colour. It’s advisable to get a couple samples that you can paint on the doors to see if they are a good fit for your kitchen. Paint colours can look very different when wet, so let a patch dry and ascertain if it is still the colour you want. Whatever colour you choose, whether a darker shade or crisp white, make sure you are happy to live with it for the next few years.

We recently completed a kitchen cupboard makeover – have a look at our Facebook page here. If you would like us to do this project for you, get in touch with us to chat more.