The Amazing Effect of a Feature Wall in Your Home.

Walls are no longer a place to simply hang your family photographs. Nowadays we are more adventurous with colour and the excitement and life that this brings into a space. Pinterest and Instagram offer daily inspiration and allow us to dream big about our homes and spark ideas to create a home that is the envy of all our friends.

A feature wall is a simple way to create a unique space in your home, creating a dramatic focal point and introducing contrast.

There are so many easy ways to achieve the perfect feature wall, but before you jump in, there are some things to consider before you do so.  

Choose the right wall.

The wall that you choose to highlight as a feature, needs to be a wall that is naturally a focal point already and that will draw attention to itself. For instance, a mantelpiece where the fireplace is, the wall where your TV is hung or the wall behind a headboard would make great feature walls. Draw from the natural architecture of your home when deciding which wall to highlight.

Choose the right colour.

With so many options available it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed. The colour you choose for your feature wall should complement the rest of your room. Going bold and bright is great, as long as it fits in with the overall colour palette of the room. If you already have a coloured wall, it may be a better idea to choose a toned down or subtle effect to stand out against the rest.

Choose the right room.

A busy or overcrowded room may not be the best option for a feature wall as there are too many focal points competing for your attention and will disrupt the flow. The purpose of a feature wall is to create a unique element that uplifts the room, not detracts from other creative elements.

Choose the perfect product.

Remember that a feature wall doesn’t need to be restricted to a painted wall, or painted in only one colour. Different colours and patterns on your wall can be combined to create a really unique focal point. Take a look at this feature wall we painted using a combination of yellow, grey and white in geometrical shapes. This was the client’s vision and design, she mapped out the lines for the patterns and we did the painting – a great team effort. It is striking, totally different and really uplifts the feel of the entire room. We will happily paint these sort of feature walls if the design has been laid out for us.

An accent wall could also be created from different elements such as wood, tiles or wallpaper. A reclaimed wood feature wall looks beautiful, as does a tiled wall or a patterned wallpaper. Get creative with your ideas and have fun, there are plenty of options available on Pinterest as well, so do some research.

The most important thing to remember when deciding on a feature wall is that you should make it your own. Draw inspiration from other walls you have seen and love, but make it unique to you alone. We would love to help you implement this feature. Chat to us about your ideas and what design you have in mind and we will quote you on painting this wall once the pattern is in place. We are more than happy to come in and paint one feature wall – no job is too big or too small for us!