2018 Colour Trends For Feature Walls

Be bold this new year! We know it is said at the start of every year, but let’s focus on ways to make 2018 your year of fantastic design, bold colours, and a space that is homier than ever. We had a look at some paint colours that are set to trend in 2018, whether it’s a feature wall in your bedroom or an entire family room.

Back to black

Dark doesn’t always mean sombre. It also doesn’t always mean a room turns into a light-deprived one, either. Obviously, darker colours should be used with caution without it drowning the entire space! However, you don’t have to commit to a full black shade – try something like the Black Flame shade where the black is cut by hues of purple. It makes an impact, just in a softer, more understated way.

Dulux’s Blackberry Farm is the closest colour to Black Flame, and we are sure it will make just as big a statement in 2018!

Beautiful berries

Sticking with the trend of darker colours, splashes of berry-inspired colours are a great way of spicing up any living space. Berry-inspired palettes are a modest way of brightening a room. Be bold and paint a whole wall, or find a wallpaper that ties in these beautiful colours. Ruby Fountain 1 from Dulux is our pick in following this stunning trend!

Cool and calm

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to paint anything (never mind your walls) dark colours, then maybe you should opt for a cooler and calmer theme this year. The duck-egg trend hasn’t died down and is still a fantastic colour that is easy to complement. Blue-green colours are modern and sophisticated, and they look amazing in any room. Use chalk paint in this colour and paint a table in your TV lounge or create a feature wall behind your headboard – it’s neutral enough to subtly enhance any space and is guaranteed to evoke a feeling of relaxation and collectedness.

This colour makes us think of the moon… so the Luna Landscape 3 from Dulux is a cool choice if this is a trend you want to follow! If you want to go a little bit darker then the Hidden Harbor shade is a great alternative.

Nicky is on hand to guide you and assist with any questions you might have when it come to choosing that perfect colour. Contact T-Rifik if you want to hop on the trend train!