You may be super excited about painting your new home or painting your house for the first time, but let’s focus on where we need to start. Here are some tools for beginner painters that are absolutely essential.

This is your very first DIY project, so you may very well be feeling quite overwhelmed and a bit clueless as to where you should start. Whether your house is big or small or you are simply introducing a feature wall into your living room, you need to have these tools right from the get-go. These will ensure the experience is painless and less stressful.

Before you start paintingpainting prep

You may want to get right to it but not so fast! You need to prepare your walls before painting them. In general, you should make sure there is no residual dust or dirt on them by pressure cleaning the exteriors or wiping the walls down for interiors. The cracks in your old wall also need to be filled before your new wall comes to life. You should also get rid of any cracked or flaking paint with a paint scraper. Once your walls are clean and smooth, you will be ready to paint.


A drop sheet

A very easy thing to forget, but one of the essential tools for beginner painters is a large cloth that will cover the floor. It is very rarely intentional that flecks of paint get on the area surrounding you but rather minimise the chore of cleaning up by having a cloth there to catch the paint that doesn’t make it onto the walls. Then you can just fold up the cloth and store it away for your next paint job. At T-Rifik, we make sure that every project leaves as little mess as possible, so these drop sheets go with us everywhere!

painter's tape for beginnersPainter’s Tape

Those nice clean lines (if you’re a beginner) cannot be achieved based on pure talent and precision alone, they are thanks to painter’s tape! This is so important for a flawless finish on your paint job. Painter’s tape is very easy to find and cheap to buy from any hardware store and is a highly underrated but necessary member of a painter’s toolkit, and therefore one of the vital tools for beginner painters.

Variety Brush Packtools for beginner painters

Obviously, a paintbrush is one of the most important tools all painters, but a beginner painter may not be sure of which paintbrush to use before you start a project, so it is advised that you invest in a pack that has a variety of brushes to choose from. You can use this brush pack for any DIY job with a sense of preparedness and confidence and, in turn, you will complete the job with efficiency.
Each painting job can vary quite drastically so if you are not a fan of DIY, then give us a call and we will handle all your painting needs. We make use of all the tools above (except painter’s tape), but it is useful to know which ones you need if you are thinking about embarking on a DIY project of your own!