We are all prone to a little bit of hoarding that clutters up your cupboards and other places in your home. The infamous chairdrobe is a good example, and we are sure you have had shelves overflowing with your belongings at one point or another. However, taking the opportunity to declutter your home can also lead to a decluttered mind.

Why clutter accumulates in the home

There are a variety of reasons why your storage room’s floors and walls are becoming less and less visible or why your kitchen cupboards are becoming overpopulated with anything and everything. However, most of the time the reason is sentimental – you don’t want to throw away memorabilia from your time at university, and you might tell yourself that you really do need three graters because who knows when you will need more than one? We keep things because they meant something to us once upon a time. However, piles of things that you don’t need can affect your stress levels whether you are aware of it or not.

advantages of declutteringAccording to an article by Christopher Peterson, Ph.D, in Pyschology Today, clutter can have quite the psychological affect. He noted that children who live in what is considered “chaotic environments” that are “noisy and disorganised” can develop social and emotional problems. It is not uncommon that we feel demotivated when our work desks are messy, or our kitchen is disorganised. It can sometimes hold you back from getting stuff done.

The advantages of decluttering

Decluttering different parts of your home will undoubtedly lead to clearer thinking and an orderly mind. If your desk is organised and clean, you may find you are able to concentrate better. Additionally, a mind that is organised leads to a more peaceful night’s sleep because at least one part of your life is in better order! Depending on who you are (because some people thrive in messy environments), a more organised environment will lift your spirits and mood.

If you are the sentimental type (like many of us are) then clearing away clutter may be really hard – there are memories stored there, after all. However, at some point, you will need to let go and move on. A weekend spent clearing up your storage room or cupboard may help you gain some perspective and help you let go of the past. No one is going to take the memories away from you, but maybe it’s time for old memorabilia to be removed to make way for new memories and better organisation.

If you feel that this job is too overwhelming to do on your own, we recommend getting in touch with Dandyline – professional organisers who will breathe new life into your home. Alternatively get hold of Oh So Organised who will help get rid of the frustrations you have due to a disorganised home. advantages of decluttering

Part of your commitment to decluttering may mean there are some walls that have been damaged or paint that needs touching up on, so pop us an email if you would like us to be a part of your journey in being more organised and clutter-free!