When a new buyer or tenant walks into your home, they should be filled with champagne-popping excitement. However, if a funky smell, a pile of unwashed dishes and a dirty laundry obstacle course greets them, they may be popping a Xanax instead. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your home showing should set the stage for buyer’s daydreams to dance across.


A Facebook post from DandyLine Organisers got us thinking – do people keep in mind how important first impressions are? A big thank you to DandyLine for inspiring us!


How do I prepare my home for a sale or rental?

To appeal to the greatest possible pool of potential buyers, you need to emphasise the most beautiful aspects of your home. Draw back your curtains and let rays of sunlight flood the passageways. Open your windows and invite the fresh air to breeze through the rooms. You are not selling four walls and a roof; you are selling a lifestyle that inspires the imaginations of your potential buyers. how to stage your home for sale or rental


DandyLine make the fantastic point that, while we all have dinners to cook and laundry to do, a home viewing is the last place you want to be reminded of this. Create the illusion that, in this home, the kitchen is always spotless, the flowers are always blooming, and the couch cushions are always plump. Banish your buyer’s memories of the dinner they left defrosting and introduce them to their new forever home, where some of the best days of their lives await.


So, what do I show potential buyers or tenants?

Entice buyers to explore, and while they wander through your house, show them that it is a home. Share your stories and arouse their emotions, so an attachment is formed and they leave excited to fill the space with their own happy moments and special experiences.  When they finally sit down to consider their options, you want your home to be remembered in a fond, unique way.


It is important to keep in mind that while you want your home to be well lit and clutter free, it should feel homey and comfortable, not sterile or clinical. Leave a magazine open on the coffee table, or put some cookies in the oven and let their aroma waft through the kitchen. Highlight that this house is a home filled with life and memories.


how to stage your home for sale or rental A fresh coat of paint will work wonders for covering up any mystery smudges and rejuvenating a room. We are the people for this job! Get in touch if this is what you need.