You don’t need to have sand between your toes and salt in your hair to experience some seaside serenity. These are a few of our favourite stylistic secrets that will help you create the look and feel of a relaxing coastal home.

Everybody deserves to have a sun-kissed summer, but not everybody has the time or resources to take a beach vacation. Luckily, with a little bit of imagination, you can bring the essence of a coastal holiday to your home.


Creating a cosy coastal cottage

create a coastal feel for your home

The ocean is opulent for its natural, effortless beauty and you can capture this innate grace with wood-panelled ceiling. This understated touch can transform the feel of a room and transport you to a quaint cottage on the coast. The wooden panels bring an element of the rustic elegance from the beach to your ceiling.


When you picture the beach, open stretches of a sandy runway come to mind. Glass sliding doors can evoke the same sense of space by letting natural light flood the room, welcoming the breeze into your home, and creating a sense of harmony between indoors and outside. Fade-proof curtains are a valuable investment, because you can let them billow by the glass doors without worrying that the sun will bleach their vibrant colours.


Capitalise on the effect of neutral, organic colours

Soft beiges and light browns emphasise the colours of nature found by the seaside. The neutral tones elicit memories of walkways peppered with pine needles, and wind swept sand dunes. This subtle nod to nature can be achieved with the Soft Maplewood 5 or Rum caramel 5 from Dulux. Dot some wooden furniture around the room to give some texture to the organic colours and tie it all together.


Bring in the layers of colour and pattern create a coastal feel for your home

These neutral colours create the perfect canvas for a splash of colour and creativity. A sprinkling of scatter cushions will bring a delightful burst of colour to brighten up the nude walls. Bold cushion covers with a Delicious Monster print, or bright tablecloths are ideal decorations– choose colours and patterns that mirror the turquoise ocean, the vivid greenery and the pastel seashells.


Give your child’s seashell collection a purpose

Embedded along the sea shore are striking shells and knotted driftwood in every shape, size and colour, left in the sand like a parting gift from the waves. Their curves and contours hold precious holiday memories of exploration and excitement, and your home should feel equally relaxing and breath taking. Fill a glass jar with shells and turn the driftwood into a unique mantle decoration, so that the memories are never far away, even when the beach is.

create a coastal feel for your home


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