At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, the winds of change carry a chorus of “New year, new me”, and the same rings true for your home. Whether you are transforming the look and feel of your house or moving into a space that begs your personal touch, these are the most anticipated paint colour trends for 2019 thanks to the experts at Plascon.


We love the introduction to Plascon’s colour forecast for 2019 by their team, explaining that: “In a time when information overload meets introspection, colour is so much more than the paint we roll onto our walls. It’s a source of inspiration and escapism that can be customised and combined to affect our mood and shape our lives.” This is exactly our outlook on the impact that colour can have on the individual. The trend forecast includes not only stunning colours but one Neutral Colour of the Year, too.


Neutral Colour of the Year colour forecast 2019

Plascon’s Ravine (62) has been dubbed the Neutral of the Year and its unique blend of grey and beige offer a subtle and soothing element to your ceilings and walls. Its neutrality means it can work in any setting and with any of the other four colour stories.


2019 Colour Palettes

The eight colours that make up these palettes are categorised into main, feature and accent colours – it is a homeowner’s and interior designers’ dream to see colours being broken up into different moods and purposes! The colours range from red to violet and have been professionally interpreted by the Plascon team. These colours are also associated with the four seasons, being formulated with the knowledge that different colours evoke different responses from people and that everyone has their favourite time of year. Claire Bond, a colour expert, echoes this by acknowledging that “by linking our colour stories to the four season we hope to match the correct colour palette to the appropriate person.”


Plascon Colour Stories 

colour forecast 2019

Glamour, Luxury, Minimal and Urban were outlined as the four colour stories, each consisting of their own personality and a palette of eight colours.


The story of Glamour is defined by “elegant and restrained neutrals” and is awakened by bright accent shades. Its aim is to revolutionise feminine style and its definition. Plascon’s Nutmeg Dust (03-C2-2) is one way to integrate this colour into your space.


Plascon’s Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1) is the face of the Luxury story, drawing inspiration from the old-world and colours of the past. This palette “combines mid-century shades with deep, dramatic accents” for an added air of luxury living in homes.


Plascon’s Minimal story is also a standout colour palette that keeps “futuristic neutrals at its core”. It is supported by unexpected pops of colour for excitement and to rejuvenate modern spaces. If you are looking to incorporate this palette, Plascon’s Atlantic Ocean (B2-C1-1) is a good place to start.

colour forecast 2019

And lastly, the Urban story, which builds on “industrial, gritty greys with vibrant accent colours” that mimic a sports-luxe familiarity. This story is all about simplicity combined with industrial energy. Plascon’s Bovine (47) is a bold statement to make when tying in with this story.


Make 2019 the year for daring, creative choices and select a coat of paint that will renovate your home and mirror the impending opportunities that await in the new year. We are hanging up our paintbrushes from the 21st of December to the 14th of January so make your booking today!