If you are a city dweller, do you make up for the lack of greenery due to suburban living by incorporating natural elements into the interior design of your home? Sky-high apartments and small duplexes are often decorated with modern, digitally-oriented elements because it is easier, suits the surrounding urban space, and all you need is electricity to keep things alive. However, this may change as 2019 is set in motion and it is predicted that incorporating natural elements in interior design is overtaking tech-savvy homes.


Incorporating natural elements into your home’s interior design

There are so many ways for you to create a home that heroes Mother Nature even though, the moment you step outside, you are overwhelmed with a more concrete kind of jungle. Thankfully, creating your own haven filled with Nature’s greatest gifts is easy.


House Plants

You can never go wrong with too many plants! Not only do they offer more oxygen, but they add greenery and life to your home. Décor Aid’s article on this shift in interior design mentions that “big, leafy, and green plants are great accent pieces for any room” which can be complemented with smaller succulents to add to tables and countertops.

natural elements in interior design


Wooden Furniture

The effect of wood in a home is timeless and confidently speaks to the advantages of incorporating natural elements in your home. Wood does not have to mean rustic – wooden furniture can add texture to even the most modern of spaces. South Africa is lucky enough to have dozens of sustainable wooden furniture designers, such as Homewood and Wattle & Daubb.

natural elements in interior design

Photo: Weylandts South Africa.


Art That Showcases Nature

If you are at a loss as to how to incorporate real elements of nature into your home, you can still resort to curated art that showcases Nature in all her glory. Whether it be a black and white photograph of a stallion or an oil painting of a baobab, your home should always have a spot reserved for snippets of our natural world.


Whilst you can decorate your home with natural elements until the well is dry, you will need to complete the look with well-painted walls that complement your décor. Give us a call if you are looking to spruce up some of your spaces!