High-Pressure Cleaning

We offer high pressure cleaning services in Durban, servicing areas such as Kloof, Hillcrest, Westville, Pinetown, Bothas Hill, Durban North and Umhlanga.

This stand-alone service is offered to both industrial and residential clients. Our cleaning team has been thoroughly trained in order to give you the best service possible, paying great attention to detail at every turn and respecting clients’ privacy where possible.

Whether you need to prepare your roof or walls before painting or pretty up your home before a sale, we have extensive knowledge on how to use high pressure cleaners correctly and on the various surfaces that can be cleaned.

Benefits of Using Professional High Pressure Cleaning Services

It Saves Water

A powerful high-pressure cleaner only requires about 500 litres of water per hour. A typical home hose, in comparison, uses about 1500-2000 litres of water per hour!

No Toxic Chemicals

There is no need to use environmentally damaging chemicals to clean, since only pressurised water is used.

Quick and Effective

High pressure cleaning provides an efficient way to clean your warehouse or factory, with minimal disruptions to day-to-day work.   

Why Hire Professionals?

  • We Know What Can and Can’t Be High Pressure Cleaned – certain surfaces can easily be damaged with high-pressure cleaning.
  • We Have the Right Equipment – it may be tempting to clean your home or warehouse roof yourself, or get your staff to do it, but without using professionals such as ourselves you may place people at unnecessary risk and may be held liable in the event of any injuries. At T-rifik, we’re covered with workman’s compensation and thus the onus is on us should any injury occur.

We have certain equipment such as ladder hooks and extended pressure cleaning hoses for added safety measures.

*Note: In the case of a steep roof, we will refer a company who have experience working on high-pitched roofs.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Fibre-cement sheeting, concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles, Chromadek® sheeting and flat roofs. We do not recommend high-pressure cleaning slate roofs.

Most roofs are okay to pressure clean every few years. We do not recommend repeated high-pressure cleaning of concrete roof tiles as the smooth surfaces gradually wears away and they become very rough. This allows dirt and debris to adhere to them which, in turn, speeds up the build-up of moss/algae. We recommend painting these tiles with a premium quality roof paint which keeps them looking new for many years to come.

This will depend on the amount of sun the roof gets, annual rainfall, overhanging trees and proximity to industrial areas. This will also depend on if the roof substrate was painted. A newly cleaned and painted roof should stay looking good for at least 6-8 years.

A powerful high-pressure cleaner only requires about 500 litres of water per hour, at a pressure of around 160 bar. In comparison about 1500-2000 litres of water per hour flows through a normal hose.

Access, pitch and type of substrate all affect the cost. We are able to give a ball park figure via satellite images. Should you still be interested we will then need to make a site visit to give a final price.

Painted walls: We usually only high-pressure clean these when we will be painting, as loose, flaking paint will be removed during the process.

Face brick walls: These can be safely high-pressure cleaned.

Paving: It is advisable to lower the pressure considerably on the machine when cleaning paving. There is a chance of damaging the grouting between the pavers. However, it is still a far cheaper solution than having to install new paving.

We use a low-pressure flow on paintwork to avoid any damage. However, it is not always advisable to pressure clean if your walls haven’t been painted in a while, as this could still result in paint flaking off even with a lower pressure.

What Can Be High-Pressure Cleaned?

Face Brick Walls


Walls (prior to painting)


Fibre-Cement Roof Sheeting

Chromadek® Roof Sheeting

Clay Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles

Office Park Parking Lots

Barge Boards


Corrugated Iron Sheeting

Fascia Boards


Our team can clean up your driveways, roofs, walls, gutters and get rid of unsightly lichen or moss. We can also high pressure clean your pavers, making them look as good as new.


We have experience in carrying out various high-pressure cleaning jobs in commercial spaces. We can clean areas such as office parks, churches, warehouses and factories.

Do you have any queries about our high-pressure cleaning services? Give us a call or pop us a mail and we’ll happily assist you.

In the event of a delayed response, kindly contact Nicky at the following address: nicky@t-rifik.co.za for a prompt reply.

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