Christmas is quickly approaching and all around the world children (and a few adults too) have their advent calendars at the ready.interior painting

You’ve probably got a few guests visiting either for a quick visit or staying for the holidays and want to make sure your home looks presentable for when your visitors arrive. You don’t need to do a serious renovation but we’re sure you could use a little home improvement. After all, we can’t have your mother-in-law staying in a room with a flaky paint job.

If you’re decorating on a budget you’d be surprised the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to any room. We’ve put together a few steps of the process for giving your interior walls a makeover.

1. Preparing the Room
We kindly ask that you remove any small, personal items from your room and we’ll handle the rest. It’ll be a lot easier this way for us to paint your room this way. We will then ensure that anything that could potentially be affected by the paint such as your carpets or floors are fully covered and protected.

2. Time to Clean
Mould is definitely not going to impress your guests so make sure you remove it before the painting begins. With the use of our anti-mould treatment we will remove any mould that will harm the final appearance and longevity of your paint.

3. Choose Your Interior Paint Colour
Choosing the right interior paint colour can be fun, it’s a whole new opportunity to revitalise your space. Your choice could depend on the type of room you’re making over, if it’s a bedroom you might want to stick with calming and neutral shades but if it’s a living room you might prefer a warmer, cosier hue. You should also consider the finish of the paint you want, are you looking for a glossy sheen or more of a matte finish? As part of our professional painting service we will assist you in choosing the correct colour to match your personal style.

4. Call it Home
Once the paint is dry and your furniture is all back in place you can sit back and relax knowing that Santa has a beautiful room to admire while he snacks on his milk and cookies.

If you’re looking for professional painting contractors to get your home Christmas-ready then get in touch with us today!