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It’s almost that time of year again, where homes are filled with the company of friends and family, sharing in the seasonal festivities. And if it’s your time to host this year, then you may have already started thinking about a few DIY ideas for entertaining guests. But, in case you haven’t and need some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of ideas to help make your home more guest-friendly. Have a look at these three easy DIY ideas that will beautify your home this Christmas.

Coffee & Tea Station

coffee station

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A tea and coffee station is a fun and interactive way to entertain you guests over the festive season. It not only alleviates any stress when having to remember how many sugars to add or where to leave out milk, but it also gives you creative freedom throughout the holidays. Why not consider adding Santa’s hot chocolate station? Having little labelled jars filled with chocolate and marshmallow treats allows your guests to create fun and festive hot beverages for themselves.

You could easily create a beautiful station with an old bookshelf or even a chest that can be painted and/or distressed to create the effect you want. Choosing paint colours that complement your space will mean that your project will seamlessly fit into the room.

Toilet Paper Storage

toilet paper storage

Image: articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar

This is one of those DIY ideas for entertaining guests that you don’t want to leave off the list. Toilet paper storage is an easy hosting essential to overlook, but it’s a good idea to save your guests the embarrassment of being left in the lurch. So, make sure that you stock up on rolls and place them in an easily accessible unit.

With some cut-to-size wood and a few simple hand tools, you can craft a straightforward and refined storage unit. Whether you leave the wood exposed or pretty it up with a washed paint technique, it’s sure to beautify your bathroom.

Blanket Bin

blanket bin

Image: woodshopdiaries.com

It may be summer, but evenings this time of year can get slightly nippy at times. Which is why you should have a blanket bin to ensure your guests aren’t left shivering in the cold. From stenciling pretty designs onto your bin to treating an old chest with a bit of sanding and a few coats of wood stain or varnish, there are plenty of ways that you can DIY this hosting essential.

If you’ve enjoyed these DIY ideas for entertaining guests, but need some help with the painting, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.