Get spring ready with a little garden revamp this month

During winter, we tend to avoid going outside for obvious reasons. It’s cold. But September brings those spring feelings and promises of the impending summer. It’s without a doubt the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for those backyard parties and weekend braais that the Durban sun begs for. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to kick-start your garden revamp.

Border Walls

The walls that border your garden can make or break the ambiance in your outside entertainment area. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. A lick of paint on border walls can make the world of difference. According to world renown Andrew Duff, a reputable personality in the gardening and landscape industry, black is back in a big way this summer – and it’s all over garden walls. Nothing makes the colour green pop like the contrast of a black background. If black is too dark for you, try a charcoal or dark green.

While we do love this trend, before climbing on board – boots and all – make sure that it works with your landscaping and your home.


Light It Up

Nothing says ‘stay a little longer’ like soft lighting and the sounds of nature. Set the mood in your outdoor entertainment area by adding a string of lights across the seating area. This opens the atmosphere up to warm conversation.


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Invest in The Future

When you look at what they give you and how long they last, investing in trees to add to your garden will give your outdoor space a real homey feel. And this will add to your property value on top of that. If you are renting or don’t have enough space in your garden for trees, then go for potted plants. And step things up by painting your pots to match your outdoor entertainment area. Save on this step by repainting pots you already own, and then planting small trees into these.

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Bring It Home

Take the load off this time of year by investing in your home and staying in instead of going out. By giving your garden a little revamp, you can create the sanctuary that you know you need, and then dwell in it day and night.

Need help with those garden boundary walls? Then get in touch! We can help you with this step in no time and offer you our expert advise on paint colours and options.