Office ColoursGone are the days of only grey and beige colours in office spaces. Well, at least we think they should be. Employers repeatedly contemplate how to go about increasing the productivity and creativity of their staff but often the results aren’t what they want them to be.

Recent studies have shown that beige, grey and white colours in offices induce feelings of sadness and depression. This is particularly true for women. Men, however, feel uncomfortable in rooms that are orange or purple in colour. We’re can’t remember the last time we saw a purple or orange room but if they make people uncomfortable then we can see why they’re not a common occurrence.

If increased efficiency and focus is what your end goal is then we suggest calm and peaceful colours like subtle greens and blues like Shave’s Stone Blue or Plascon’s Mint Julip will bring serenity to even the busiest of work places.

If blues and greens aren’t your cup of Rooibos tea then we’d suggest going for a more mellow and optimistic hue like yellow. This colour is believed to energise and freshen up any space it’s in so it’s the perfect choice if your staff are looking a little down at work.

Our last colour suggestion is none other than the bold and passionate red! This isn’t for everyone and can end up being a distraction if not used considerately. If you want to draw attention to a certain area of your workspace then red is the colour to do it! It’s also great for areas where high energy levels are needed, such as a gym. Plascon have a few choices in their Inspiration brochure.

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