upper highway painting contractorAs professional Upper Highway painting contractors we know that a well maintained home is a valuable home. If you are considering using this New Year to sell your home there’s a few things you should know first in order to get your maximum value. From the neatness of your hedges to the condition of your interior and exterior paint it all adds to the perception of your home.

Exterior Repairs

If your home exterior appears shabby with sun faded paint and chipped doors it is unlikely to make a good impression on a prospective buyer. If the outside looks bad they will assume that the interior isn’t any better. Make sure to repair any broken walkways and clear up any debris that may be lying around.

Clean Up Indoors

Nobody likes to feel cramped. Potential buyers want to know that they have space for their furniture and room to move around freely. If you’ve got clutter covering every surface it will only make your home feel smaller. Make sure that your interior paint is also up to scratch. Bubbling or mould on paint is a red flag for many. T-rifik Painters can come in and attend to your ceilings or walls with the mould. An anti-mould treatment will be applied and the area will be repainted.

Use Professional Upper Highway Painting Contractors

To avoid any problems down the line it is important to always make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job. In our recent blog we have covered what you need to know before hiring a painting contractor and an easy step-by-step process to follow when you are ready.

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