Bricks and beams may build a house, but personalised stylistic touches transform it into a home, where memories are made, comfort is found and laughter bounces freely between the walls. Your home is a patch of earth that mirrors your unique sense of self and style, and as interior design changes, the landscape of creative expression is no longer exclusive to the experts. Interior design is changing and with DIY professionals dotted all over the Internet, innovative inspiration is just a click away.


smart home changing interior design

Samsung Smart Home mobile control centre

Homes are becoming smarter than we are

Modern technology has redefined the role of everyday items. Curtains close at the touch of a button, flames ignite at the mere suggestion of a fire, and houses are more obedient than the children running around within them. Interior design has been swept up in technology’s riptide, and homeowners are making waves on the design scene as they embrace the way interior design is changing. Ideas are free-flowing and more accessible by the day and people are moulding concepts of craft, colour and creativity to fit into their vision for a dream home.


The tech giants are not the only ones churning out clever and quirky gadgets aimed at making our lives easier- ordinary people have taken to the web armed with their homemade knowledge of how to jazz up your garden, kitchen, bedroom or lounge (hint: it’s amazing what you can do with a Mason Jar).




Decor-making with 3D printing

The growing popularity of 3D printing has contributed to the changes in interior design. And while not everyone will have a 3D printer sitting in their home office, it is still worth mentioning what an impact they have had in the world of interior design. There are few things more frustrating than having a picture in your head of the item you need to tie a room together but finding that the rest of the world has not quite reached your level of ingenuity. The 3D printer can solve this problem, or even recreate something that resembles an existing design that you haven’t been able to get your hands on.


The ‘small house’ movement and sustainable homes 

A Barrel House in the Findhorn Ecovillage

Real estate agents have plenty of experience in dealing with difficult and fickle couples, but inflation is now courting our erratic economy and the industry seems to have met their match. People are gradually migrating away from the concept of buying a house towards a more affordable option. A new movement in home ownership has emerged in the form of repurposed spaces such as the modern container home and micro-apartments that are a fraction of the price of a conventional family home. Their small spaces and unconventional layouts have inspired further change for interior designers as they adapt alongside these exciting changes.


As the world becomes more eco-aware, many designers are harnessing the environmentally friendly movement by making changes to interior design and reducing the size of their carbon footprint. Homes are prioritising solar power over conventional electricity supply, smart bathroom products with innovative flushing technology, and a whole array of recycling bins to minimise their effect on the environment. These have to be taken into consideration when designing a home.


Whilst interior design is changing, the need for paintwork isn’t! Get in touch if we can help you with a feature wall for your new home or if you need any woodwork maintenance (especially now that it’s winter).