The office as we know it is evolving and is no longer only a high-rise building filled with boardrooms and cubicles. Here are some office design tips and trends that will help you optimise your creativity and productivity every day from 9-5!


Open-plan office spaces

Open spaces are rising as an office design trend as collaboration between work teams and individuals becomes more important in everyday business life. This kind of office design is intended to break down barriers between employees as cubicles and dividing walls become a thing of the past, ultimately increasing communication and creating an environment of collaboration in the office.


Offices that showcase reminders of who they are

Going into work can be a serious drag when your office environment is lacking in design and character. Nowadays it seems that many companies are placing a priority on scattering the brand’s identity in the form of art and décor around the office. Whether it’s in the form of a cartoon or the brand’s colours being used in various ways, this is an effective way of reminding employees of the company they work for, adding motivation and boosting productivity at the same time. If you aren’t sure about what we mean, have a look at this meeting room at Google in Budapest! Google office design trends


Offices that make use of colour psychology

You may have read our blog on the ins-and-outs of colour psychology, but this is so much more important in the context of office design because colour has an enormous effect on creativity, productivity, and general happiness. According to CDI Spaces, an office furnishing company, the colours blue, red, and yellow are hugely influential. Blue is considered an intellectual colour associated with trust, communication and efficiency, and red is a physical colour that represents courage and strength. Finally, yellow is a colour that evokes emotion and promotes creativity and friendliness – two things a positive work environment needs.


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