With the rainy season almost at an end, we’re sure that you’re ready to finally get going on those outdoor projects that you had planned for 2019. We all know how a lick of paint can transform any area but choosing the right shade of paint isn’t as simple as black and white.

We’ve highlighted a few approaches to take when choosing a shade of paint below.

1. Brush up on the terminology

Start with the basics. Learn what hues, saturation and sheen’s are before tackling your paint project. A quick google search will brush you up on all the paint terminology to get you started, plus this will help you greatly when trying to express what it is you want.

2. Pick the right sheen

The finishing of anything, is everything. Choosing the right sheen is as important as finding the right colour. A simple addition that is often overlooked in the process.

3. Pay attention to undertones

Choosing a paint with an undertone that doesn’t gel with your space will leave you feeling blue. Undertones are either cool or warm, and depending on what you are trying to achieve, you will need to find the shade with the right undertone.

4. Always start small

If you’re thinking of painting a large area, like your boundary walls or the interior walls of your entire house, then start small. Test the colour on a small section of the wall before you purchase all the paint you’ll need. This is a must for those on strict budgets.

5. Think about lighting

Take note of the lighting around the area you are wanting to paint. If you have a dark corner in your home and want to bring light to it, choose a colour that is light but not necessarily bright. Painting a dark space in a dark shade can make you lose that space completely. A simple white paint helps reflect natural light across the room, giving a dark corner some much needed attention.

6. Pick a colour that ties in with your flooring and suits your furniture

The final piece of advice, and it may seem like an obvious one. Match your paint colour to your flooring and furniture. It’s easier to paint a room that brings all your furniture and décor together than it is to completely refurnish a room. This is often an overlooked step by most when choosing a colour.

Now that you have some guidance on how to choose the correct shade of paint, it’s time to tackle that paint project you’ve pushed aside for far too long. And as always, we would be delighted to assist you. So, get in touch if you’d like a quote for your next project.