We can’t believe that we are creeping closer to the middle of the year already. Do you also feel like you need a bit of a change? Are you looking at your surroundings for ideas on how to liven things up a bit? Try creating an accent wall in one of your rooms to bring some budget friendly change to your home. Accent walls are a great way to not be overwhelmed by too much colour or patterns, but to still have fun with colour in your home.

Go Bright

Yellow is always the winning choice when looking to add a colour that really pops. Trust us, we’d know. We love the effect that yellow has, so much so that we have it as our brand colour. Yellow is known as the happy colour because of its sunshine qualities. Other colour choices that spark joy and add brightness to any room are strong coral and bold azure hues. Bring a little joy to your home with a vibrant accent wall.


Black wall white fireplace

Photo cred: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Go Dark


The darker shades always bring a beautifully dramatic feel to a room. Choosing a charcoal grey or deep green for an accent wall will bring a certain level of depth to any room. We find that darker colours go great with white accents, like this image where the dark wall is paired with white trim and a white fireplace. The contrasts are striking and bring a sense of life to the room.


Go Nude

If you are happy with your lounge, but still need an addition or slight change somewhere in the room – try adding a soft nude tone to one wall that doesn’t contrast too much with the surrounding walls, but that still manages to stand out. This will help add an understated difference without needing to change things around. Nude tones also add a feeling of warmth which is perfect for the winter months.


Wall panelling

Photo cred: www.pier1.com

Go Metallic

A bold choice for sure. But if done well, a metallic accent wall will become a talking piece in your home. Add some panelling to the wall before painting to create a built-in frame look. Or go one better, use the panelling to create pop out patterns like this image. This is a great option to try if you have high ceilings and need to fill wall space, especially if the idea of hanging art on a large wall is daunting. A metallic accent wall is a sure way to get your guests talking.


Go Patterned

If the idea of having a solid colour doesn’t appeal to you, then go for patterns and textures to create an engaging accent wall. Painting vertical stripes can help create the illusion of height to a low ceiling room. Be creative and have fun with patterns.


Photo cred: www.staceking.com

Go Halfway

We love playing with colour and painting ideas. Painting the bottom half of your wall a darker shade will add a sense of class to your home. This is especially a good idea for a hallway and even better for a kiddie’s room. Painting the lower half of the wall a dark shade is one way to hide those oily finger stripes that seem to follow kids wherever they go.

Pro tip: Make the space theirs by changing the dark paint to a chalkboard paint. Letting them have a wall to draw on without limits will give them endless fun, especially if it’s in their room!


Go small

Lastly, another area where you can do an accent colour is on the doors in your home. This is a project that reaps immediate rewards with the affect that it can bring. We recommend going with an understated tone, as bright and bold colours on a door can be a deal breaker stylistically. Rather choose a taupe or grey tone for this project. Another great way to add an accent colour without overpowering the room is by painting the trimmings a classic white for the perfect border to your walls.


There you have it. A quick little guide to adding a fresh feeling to your home. There is a reason that the saying “change is as good as a holiday” is so popular. Let us help you choose and source the best colour from premium paint brands that’s on offer for you to use on your accent wall. Get in touch!