Contemporary times are changing, and so are you. Which means your living space should be changing, too. 2018 is predicted to the year for modern age house painting, and these three colour palettes attempt to capture this.

Connecting people through colour

What is life but one massive story – of you, your relationships, your places and spaces? Let your house and its modernity tell these stories with colours of remarkable blue (such as Venetian Crystal 3 from Dulux), characteristics of fuchsia, and earthy browns. These colours are dubbed the Affinity palette, celebrating the beauty of connections between people and places. Painting for this aspect of modern life should evoke a feeling of wanderlust and interconnectedness. What better way to relax in a room whose colours keep you centred?

blue and modern age house painting

At T-Rifik, community means a lot to us. We are a family-run business and always aim to add something personal in our dealings with clients. The Affinity palette is therefore the one we resonate with most.

The modern age and connectivity

This colour palette draws from trends in tech innovations and the digital landscape. Think pixelated oranges, digital blues and greens, and high-definition yellow. This palette is for you if you draw inspiration from the fast-moving technological world we live in – bring the digital into your home and personalise it according to the vision you want to achieve. A feature wall in Flame Frenzy 4 by Dulux will undoubtedly serve as an eye-opener! bright orange and modern age house painting

We know that the digital age is full of surprises, so why not encompass this notion in your home? A bright orange wall is sure to surprise anyone! But it will make your home stand out, and people will leave with snapshots of your home in their minds as a space that embraces modern age house painting. The Connectivity palette is a definite way of achieving this. Punctuate any room with a splash of lime green, for example, and balance it out with the warmth of subtle greys and creams.

Simply sincere

Minimalism is a growing trend – design that is so simple it is almost complex. The aim of the Sincerity palette is to promote mindful living and environments that encourage you to disconnect and recharge your batteries through carefully selected paint colours. It is amazing the effect that colour can have on a mood! This palette boasts soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks that work together to create an environment of harmony. The Dekade Cloud Burst colour could help achieve this feeling that is in line with a house of the modern age.

neutral green and modern age house painting

This trend is about fluidity, softness, and a blending of subtle colours that flow from one colour to the next. Think sandy browns, muted greys, and subtle greens that complement each other perfectly.

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