Your bedroom is your safe haven, the place where you go to collapse in a heap after a long day of work, or the place you go to for relaxation. This refuge can be enhanced by ensuring you pick the perfect paint colour for your bedroom.

Shades of Greythe perfect paint colour for your bedroom

Grey does not have to mean dull or boring. The ideal shade of grey will be light enough to keep your room feeling airy and welcoming, yet dark enough to make a statement and to hold all the elements of your bedroom together. This shade of grey, like Grey Steel 3 or Clouded Pearl 4 from Dulux, is cool enough to be relaxing, but the undertones of warmth will prevent your room from feeling cold or clinical. It is ultimately the perfect paint colour for a tranquil bedroom.

Hues of Bluethe perfect paint colour for your bedroom

There is a stereotype attached to blue that we need to dispel – it is used for more than nursery rooms and classrooms! A light shade of blue with undertones of grey prevents it from being overly bright – depending on who the bedroom is for, you may want to consider a brighter shade to create the look you had in mind. According to the psychology of colour, blue in all its forms is naturally soothing (read more about the psychology of colour on our blog here). We love a blue like Moon Waves 6 from Dulux or Palm Breeze from Shave’s Colonial Cool colour collection.



Perfectly Pink

the perfect paint colour for your bedroom

Image: K Tharp Design

Before you scream “why on EARTH would I want a pink bedroom unless it’s for a toddler or my grandmother?!”, hear us out. Pink has the power to be simple, subtle, and still remain sophisticated. Soft shades of pink, similar to mauve, work incredibly well to create a harmonious bedroom that promotes harmony and relaxation. So, forget about those pinks you thought you only used for little girls’ bedrooms: this is a pink for grown-ups who enjoy their downtime. We recommend the Carribbean Dawn 4 or the Heather Bloom 6 from Dulux.

If your current bedroom is missing these elements of calming colours, then give us a ring and we will help you create a tranquil retreat.