Everyone, at one point or another, is tempted to embark on their own DIY projects. If you are one of these people, then we have compiled a list of the most common DIY painting mistakes.


Not choosing the right paintmost common DIY mistakes

You need to choose the paint according to what you are painting. For example, the paint on doors, windows or gates requires a different paint to the walls. Additionally, areas that have higher traffic require different paint that is more durable. We don’t recommend matte/flat finishes for these areas because they are difficult to clean. Rather, go for a semi-gloss or gloss finish for durability and easy cleaning.

Buying cheap paint and brushes most common DIY painting mistakes

Buying cheap paint and paint brushes may seem like an easy way to keep the costs low, but this is not the case. In the long run, cheaper paint will actually cost you more because it is normally thinner, meaning you will need more coats to cover. Most importantly, this is a DIY painting mistake because the paint job will not last as long compared to painting with high-quality paint such as paint from the Dulux or Plascon ranges because of their durability, high quality, and a wide range of colours. You can read more about specific tools DIY painters need to have here.

DIY Painters often skip the prep process

Preparing the surface you will be working on is an essential step that many DIY painters skip. Paint will only adhere to a good, sound surface. To avoid making this same mistake, ensure that the surface in question has been properly prepared. An important thing to remember, too, is that new plaster needs to stand for 21-28 days before primer is applied. If done any sooner, it will cause problems with the paintwork down the line.

Starting the next coat before the previous coat is dry

It’s vital that you are patient! Whilst you may have to literally watch paint dry, it is important to ensure that the previous coat of paint is dry before starting the next coat.

DIY painters often choose colours from a swatch

We understand that you may really like the look of a colour presented to you in a swatch. Unfortunately, the colour very rarely looks the same on your walls as they do on the swatch. It is necessary that you consider that it is affected by things such as natural lighting, flooring and curtaining. We highly recommend that you paint test samples directly onto the wall, so you have a more accurate idea of what the final result will look like.

most common DIY painting mistakes

Painting rotten wood

This may seem obvious but, unfortunately, it is one of the common DIY painting mistakes. Paint will not solve the problem – replace the wood and THEN you can start painting!


We totally relate to the excitement and feeling of accomplishment when completing a DIY project of your own. However, we can help you avoid any of the above mistakes from happening entirely! Give us a call for your next project.